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  1. 2017.07.11 - Nîmes, Festival de Nîmes, France

    Here it is. It's only 1440p@60 on YouTube. The audio is not that great either, but it works.
  2. 2017.07.11 - Nîmes, Festival de Nîmes, France

    I also recorded the concert, but only with a GoPro (2.7K@60) - FiP sample (only rendered at 1080p@60). I just got home, so I will try to upload it asap.
  3. 2016.08.27 - Wrocław, Capital of Rock Festival, Poland

    Here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B86OmCCWFzkIaFZ3S0xYbGdEX2s I hope Google Drive is good enough.
  4. 2013.07.28 - București, Rock the City Festival, Romania

    I'm not the taper. I assume you took the audio from the description of my video. The original taper is grassu075. These are his videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLszEpTtDdRDL325B4FhuGFh-5gsloD7ww
  5. 2016.08.27 - Wrocław, Capital of Rock Festival, Poland

    Why did you interpolate footage to 50fps when it is natively 50fps?
  6. 2016.08.27 - Wrocław, Capital of Rock Festival, Poland

    Here it is, full concert:
  7. 2016.08.27 - Wrocław, Capital of Rock Festival, Poland

    I also recorded the whole concert. I'll post a link here when it's uploaded on YouTube.
  8. 2016.07.23 - Ciudad de México, Hell & Heaven Metal Fest, Mexico

    Full concert:
  9. 2016.06.30 - Norrköping, Bråvalla Festival, Sweden

    Full concert: